Updating an incident using a Runbook step

FireHydrant can make changes to an incident and publish to status pages in a single runbook step.

If you are using FireHydrant's support for status pages you can streamline your updates by using the "Incident Update" runbook step. This step lets you update an incident's milestone, adjust impacts, and attach a note. At the same time you can select who will be able to see those changes by selecting which status pages to publish to - or keep it just for responders by selecting no status page.

Add an 'Incident Impact' Runbook step

To setup the Runbook step, select the Incident Update step from the step type dropdown on the  Edit Runbook page.


Hit the "+ Add a Step" button.

Give your step a name and a placeholder comment. The comment can be updated when you run the step.



Importantly, setting comment will make sure that others will understand the circumstances surrounding this update.


If you want to control who will see this update, select the status page (or pages) from the "Visibility" dropdown. If you select nothing, the update will only appear in the timeline but not be published to a status page.


You can also run the step via Slack. If you are in an incident channel, after you attach the Runbook with the Incident Impact step you configure earlier, you can run /firehydrant runbooks and select the runbook. You will see the available steps and can select the impact step. If you do so you will see a dialog that allows you to update the milestone, adjust impacts, set a comment, and control visibility.




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