Scheduled Maintenance

There are times when your systems will have planned outages. In FireHydrant, you can keep track of them in the Scheduled Maintenances section of the app, located under the Process section of the main menu.


Creating a new Scheduled Maintenance

To create a scheduled maintenance, click the "New" button on the scheduled maintenances list page. Make sure to fill out as many of the fields as possible and then click the "Schedule" button.


Attaching it one or more status pages will have it displayed on the status page. The subscribers (email or RSS) will be notified. There are more details on this below.


Editing a Scheduled Maintenance

Select a previously scheduled maintenance by clicking its name on the scheduled maintenances list page. You'll then see the same form as when you were initially creating the scheduled maintenance.


If there are one or more status pages attached to the scheduled maintenance, the changes will be reflected throughout the entire FireHydrant system.


Canceling a Scheduled Maintenance

You can cancel a scheduled maintenance by clicking the trashcan icon on the scheduled maintenances list page.


What happens when a scheduled maintenance starts?

Once the start time of the scheduled maintenance occurs, the FireHydrant system will automatically create an incident for you. There are several benefits for you to have this done automatically.

  1. FireHydrant will create the incident with all of the impacts that you specified in the scheduled maintenance.
  2. If something goes wrong with your scheduled maintenance and you need to escalate it to an unplanned outage, you will need to change the severity of the incident.
  3. If there are status pages attached to the scheduled maintenance, they will be automatically connected to the incident.

Integration with FireHydrant Status Pages

FireHydrant Status Pages will display any currently ongoing or future scheduled maintenances. This way, anyone viewing the status page will know what to expect.

All subscribers (email or RSS) of a status page will receive a notification in one of the following scenarios.

  • Scheduled maintenance has a status page attached to it.
  • The scheduled maintenance will start in 24 hours.
  • The scheduled maintenance is canceled within 24 hours of starting.
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