Starting a PagerDuty Incident

If you need to escalate an incident to another team or identify an expert responsible for a specific service, you can leverage your existing on-call schedule in PagerDuty to alert the proper team members. 


Incident Title: The default title for the new PagerDuty incident (supports templating)
Incident Details: The default description for the new PagerDuty incident (supports templating)
PagerDuty User: The PD user to use for creating the incident
PagerDuty Service: The service to include in the incident
Policy Name: The escalation policy for determining the users to be alerted

These are all defaults, and can be overridden at runtime.

After the step in your Runbook is executed, an incident is be created in PagerDuty and you are provided with the link.

The incident title and description support templating, so you can automatically include the FireHydrant incident name, description, severity, or any of our other available template variables


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