Integrating FireHydrant with other tools

By now, hopefully, you've already integrated Slack with FireHydrant, so we'll focus on other integrations in this article. Integrating your existing tools with FireHydrant unlocks a lot of powerful functionality and allows your team to respond to incidents and put out fires quickly.


If you're new to FireHydrant, we recommend focusing on the following integrations to start:

  1. Integrate Zoom to spin up a conference bridge when you create an incident.
  2. Integrate Jira or Clubhouse to create action items from your incidents.
  3. Integrate PagerDuty, Opsgenie, or VictorOps to import your services and connect alerts to FireHydrant.

As you get familiar with the FireHydrant platform, you may want to configure additional integration points. Other ways you can integrate tools with FireHyrant include:

  • See deploy events and associate them with incidents in FireHydrant.
  • Create incidents in from FireHydrant.
  • Record the creation of a docker image.
  • Provision your infrastructure catalog from Kubernetes.

Head over to our integration docs for more information about our integrations.


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