Integrating with VictorOps

With our VictorOps integration, we make it easy to link your incidents in VictorOps to your incidents in FireHydrant. This is a great way to have a coordinated incident response after an initial alert comes in from VictorOps, right within FireHydrant.

Installing the VictorOps Integration

Start by heading over to FireHydrant's integrations page.

On the VictorOps integration, click "Setup", and enter in your VictorOps organization name, then click "Update Configuration".

After you have configured the organization name you need to configure an outgoing webhook on VictorOps so FireHydrant can correctly sync incident state from VictorOps.

After clicking "Update Configuration" on the configuration page, FireHydrant will create a new installed integration for VictorOps on your Connected & Available integrations list.

From here you'll need to revisit the VictorOps configuration page one more time by clicking "Configure Integration" on the VictorOps row. You'll be brought back to this page where you'll now have a webhook URL that has been generated for you.

Copy the webhook address provided by FireHydrant and head to your VictorOps account at Click the "Integrations" along the top navbar, and then navigate to the Outgoing Webhooks tab on the page.

Click Add Webhook and enter in the URL provided in FireHydrant into the new box. Leave the payload empty, the default payload VictorOps sends us will do just fine. Be sure to also select the "Any-Incident" value from the event dropdown.

Please note: The Splunk On-Call Outgoing Webhooks are an Enterprise service level feature and require admin credentials to view and modify.

Click Save on the new webhook under the box and voilà! You've setup VictorOps to send incident notifications to FireHydrant.

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