Zoom Integration

FireHydrant uses the Zoom JWT application type to create Zoom meetings for incident responders. If you haven't created a JWT application in your Zoom account, you can head to https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create to get started.


Note: Developer privileges in Zoom are required. We also recommend utilizing a bot user for this integration. If you already have a JWT application, you may use the same API key and secret in FireHydrant to create meetings.


If creating a new Zoom application, fill in the basic information with what makes senes for your organization.


Note: You may want to enter a generic name for the JWT application because Zoom only allows you to create one JWT app per account.


Once you've entered this information, Zoom will provide application credentials to generate a JWT that has access to the Zoom API. FireHydrant will generate a valid JWT to communicate with the API as needed.



Once you have these credentials, you can head to the integrations page of FireHydrant to enter in the information.



Zoom to FireHydrant
  • API Key - This is used to identify your JWT application in Zoom
  • API Secret - This is used to generate a signed JWT when FireHydrant sends requests to Zoom to create meetings
  • Backup User Email - If the user that has opened an incident on FireHydrant, executed the runbook step to create a meeting, etc, does not exist on Zoom, you need to select a different user to create the meeting for. Commonly this might be a user account that is a bot in Zoom.

Zoom Runbook Step

Once you've installed the Zoom integration, you'll be able to add a "Create Meeting" step to any incident type runbook in FireHydrant. On the edit screen for add the step called "Create Zoom Meeting" to your runbook.


Note: If you need this bridge on every incident, make sure that the "Execute Automatically" checkbox is true.


Runbook Step Configuration

You have a few options for the meeting creation such as the topic, agenda, and whether or not we should automatically enable recording the meeting.


Now, whenever this runbook executes on an incident, a new Zoom meeting will be created for all of your team to join and fight the fire together.


Please note, if you are running into errors specifying that the meeting is waiting for the host make sure that you are signed into your Zoom account on the web or on the application to gain entry into the Zoom room that is created.

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