Status Page Setup

Create your page

You can create a new Status Page in FireHydrant by clicking Status Pages under Organizations. You'll need to provide a little bit of info but most of it is to customize your page.

  • Domain - This is the full domain where you want your page to be hosted,
  • Status Page Name - The name for your status page, either your company's name or specific to one of your customers.
  • Greeting Title - The main heading on your page
  • Greeting Body - A description of the page's purpose
  • Operational Status Message - The text to show when all systems are working
  • Company Homepage URL - The link target of your logo
  • Logo - A .png or .jpg logo to be shown on the page
  • Status Conditions - We map your internal conditions to "Operational", "Degraded", and "Unavailable" for consistency's sake.
  • Components - The services, functionalities and environments to show on the page

This is an example of the above fields as shown on a Status Page


Setup DNS

Once you save your page, you'll be presented with a CNAME target to point your domain at our system.


In this example, we'd create a CNAME in your DNS zone pointing []( to We'll be providing guides on how to do this in specific DNS providers in the near future. To confirm that your DNS is configured correctly, you can use dig from the command line or Google's DNS toolbox.

➜ ~ dig +short

Once this step is complete, we'll handle setting everything else up. Our systems will provision a TLS certificate using Let's Encrypt and your page will be live.


Authenticated Status Pages

You can limit the audience of your status page to your employees or other groups of customers. This is an enterprise feature, reach out to for more information. 

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