Integrating with GitHub

FireHydrant's GitHub integration allows you to track a change--from its origin in a pull request to its eventual impact on your system. 

Setting up GitHub integration

To get started:

  1. In the left nav, click Integrations. Click the GitHub tile.
  2. On the next page, click Install App.
  3. You are directed to GitHub. Choose the GitHub organization where you want to install FireHydrant. 
    Note: You must be a GitHub organization admin to install the app.

After you install the GitHub app, you are returned to the Services import setup page. (You can also find this page by navigating to Infrastructure > Services and clicking Link and import.)

To choose GitHub as your import source, select it from the dropdown.


This reveals all of the services available to import from your GitHub instance. Select the checkbox for the service(s) you want to import. Using the dropdown menu, indicate whether you want to import each service as new or link it to an existing service.


Click Start Import to import the service. After your import is complete, the page shows import results, listing the Name and Remote ID of the service you imported. 

After you have imported or linked a service (or services) from GitHub, the associated pull requests appear on the Change Events page as they're merged. 



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