Customizing the incident modal in Slack

FireHydrant provides a default way to kick off incident declaration inside of Slack. But, your company may have an existing set of requirements to kick off an incident. In this guide, we'll show how to change the default behavior of the Slack new incident modal to fit your team's needs.


Getting to the customization screen

You'll want to head over to the FireHydrant integrations page and then click on the Slack integration.mceclip0.png

From here you will go to the Slack configuration page where you will be able to customize the modal.


Customizing the modal

From the configuration screen, you will want to change the dropdown for New incident modal type to Advanced.


You will then see a text field allowing you to specify which fields you would like to appear in your modal. Let's go over what those fields mean:

  • name - Incident name, required
  • description - text area field that maps to incident description
  • summary - 255 character capped input field
  • customer_impact_summary - text area field that maps to incident customer impact
  • severity - single select field that maps to incident severity. A blank value will use FireHydrant's severity matrix to set the severity automatically
  • impacts_services - multi-select field that allows for adding services and their degradation condition
  • impacts_environments - multi-select field that allows for adding environments and their degradation condition
  • impacts_functionalities - multi-select field that allows for adding functionalities and their degradation condition
  • incident_tags - multi-select to add tags to an incident

Modal recipes

Let's take a look at reimplementing the current functionality of the different modal types with custom modals.

Advanced form

name, customer_impact, functionalities, environments, services, severity

Simple form

name, summary, severity

Here are some additional recipes to try out:

Only utilizing services to open an incident

name, services

Name field last to encourage naming conditions based on severity and impact

environments, services, severity, name

Customer impact focus

customer_impact, summary, functionalities, severity, name


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