Automatically sending alerts to service teams

FireHydrant’s Service alerting feature automatically pages your default escalation policy in PagerDuty when a service is added to a new incident. This enables engineers to focus on remediation while knowing that the right members of service teams are being notified about an incident.

Follow the below steps to activate this feature.

Step 1: Confirm PagerDuty's connection to FireHydrant

After your PagerDuty account is connected, you have the ability to import and configure PagerDuty Services within FireHydrant Services.

If you have not connected your PagerDuty integration, see Configuring the PagerDuty integration.

Step 2: Import & Confirm PagerDuty Services are in FireHydrant

In the FireHydrant left nav, click Infrastructure, then Services.

In the upper-right corner of the page, click Link and Import. For details on importing a new service, follow the steps in the article on new services to FireHydrant, see Importing from your Alerting tool.

Step 3: Edit a Service

After you have added services to FireHydrant, you can start editing. From the list of services, select the service where you want turn on automatic alerting. 

On the page for the service, you can confirm that PagerDuty is linked within the Links section.


From this view click Edit details in the top right corner.


In the edit view for the service, scroll down to the new "Alerting" section.


After selecting the checkbox, finish your setup by clicking Save edits.

Step 4: Test Alerting

To test automatic paging, start by clicking Declare Incident. After the Incident page loads, add the service you would like to test and declare the incident.

Your alerting system will now automatically page you via your default escalation policy. The FireHydrant Incident Timeline also reflects that an alert was generated via that service.


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