Incident Milestones

Incident milestones can be adjusted during the incident either in Slack (using the /fh update command) or within the FireHydrant UI. These milestones can also be adjusted after an incident, during the retrospective phase. Milestones are important for the holistic incident metrics that FireHydrant captures out-of-the-box, such as Infrastructure Healthiness, responder time, MTT*, and so on.

A formal definition of each milestone:

  • Started: When the affected system began having problems.
  • Detected: When a monitoring system (or human) noticed that a system was having problems.
  • Acknowledged: When the person responsible for responding to incidents within the affected system acknowledged the monitoring system's alert.
  • First Action: When the first concrete step toward mitigating (or resolving the problems with the affected system) occurred.
  • Mitigated: When the system is no longer exhibiting problems to users.
  • Resolved: When the system is fully working again.
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